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Our Mission


As a bilingual and international school, we are dedicated to providing students of various backgrounds with a very high standard of bilingual French and American education, by teaching international learners and thinkers who will become exceptional modern citizens.

Our students are encouraged and motivated to excel academically, understanding what it means to be proud of their achievements. For our students to foster an atmosphere of community, we encourage self-exploration so they can discover their true talents, interests, and develop values of integrity, responsibility, and cooperation that will make their communities stronger.

Our Preschool and Elementary School Programs are accredited by the French Ministry of EducationAEFE network, and the AISF, Association of Independent Schools of Florida.

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Our Mission



  • 2021 - LFA added the 8th grade class

  • 2020 – LFA added the 7th grade class

  • 2019 – LFA added the 6th grade class

  • 2018 – Mr. Antonio Rodrigues took over as the new owner and head of school.

Mr. Antonio Rodrigues is a French citizen, graduated with a MBA from l’École Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées - Paris.

He is fluent in French, English, Spanish and Portuguese.

  • 1997 - Dr. Jacqueline Hoy founded Lycée Franco-Américain International School in 1997, an immersion program from Pre-K to 5th grade that teaches in both languages, French and English.

We are Non-Profit

We are a Non-Profit School operating entirely on private funds, donations, and tuitions.

Foggy Forest

We care About Our Planet

Because there is only one home for us.

As part of our philosophy, we believe in the importance of awareness about environmental issues that affect our planet and all living beings that belong to The Earth. 

In an effort for contributing to our planet conservation, we are minimizing the unnecessary printing of paper copies.


Therefore, our forms are now all digitalized and we are also implementing digital formats for some evaluations and practice activities that children complete in school and as homework. 

We value any recycling initiatives, for this reason, we also have planned some activities related to this important matter that is part of our responsibilities as citizens of the world. 

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