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Cycle 2
Fundamental Learning

During Cycle 2, priority is given to the mastery of languages. The French language constitutes the central learning item for students to acquire strong reading and writing skills. Through language, they learn how to make connections between different subjects and disciplines and to give meaning to their instruction.

In Cycle 2, students also begin to learn a foreign or regional language. Furthermore, they are taught how to complete basic learning activities and to justify rationally their answers and approaches


The Official French Elementary School Program consists of five years of education. These five years are divided in 2 main “cycles of learning”.


The first 3 years are the Fundamental Learning Cycle (“Cycle d'Apprentissages Fondamentaux” - Cycle 2) and the next 2 years are the Skills Consolidation Cycle (“Cycle de Consolidation” - Cycle 3).

Cycle 3
Skills Consolidation

During Cycle 3, students reinforce and stabilize the knowledge learned in Cycle 2, particularly language proficiency, which is essential to study other subjects such as French, mathematics, art and body expression. Students are gradually introduced to academic subjects and their specific knowledge, language, approaches, and methods, especially history and geography, science and technology.

Their capacity for abstract analysis increases and they begin to produce and structure their thoughts by taking in new accomplishments.

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